Saturday, March 16, 2019

RIP Little Fritz

Work on a farm, even a mini urban farm is always present and can get wearying after awhile, especially in the rainy, cold days of winter.  But by far, the most difficult part of being a caretaker of animals, especially animals that you come to respect and to love, the hardest part of having them, is losing them.

While doing my morning chores one day a couple of weeks ago, I came upon our precious little kitty guy, Fritz, lying dead at the edge of our woods. It took me aback, made me gasp and broke my heart.  We buried Fritz at the edge of our woods where he had died and laid a stone and an angel kitty
upon his grave.  Even three weeks later, I am saddened and teary when I pass by the place where he lays.

But this is life and life goes on.  I will give my last respects to him here and share it with the world of cyberspace.  I will remember his sweetness and companionship always. RIP little Fritz.



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