Friday, March 22, 2019

Meet the Artist at Sacred Garden

I have been fortunate to be able to revive my relationship with the Sacred Garden Bookstore in Greensboro.  They have been a wonderful outlet for my sacred pieces and we have recently begun having a meet the artist day at the bookstore.  It allows me a chance to work on my art pieces and it allows those interested in my art an opportunity to ask questions and chat with me, the artist.

It has been a most rewarding experience for me and the people who have attended have enjoyed themselves as well.  I look forward to doing more events.  The next, meet the artist day at the bookstore is scheduled for April 9, 2019 from Noon- 2pm.  I hope to see many of you there!


Saturday, March 16, 2019

RIP Little Fritz

Work on a farm, even a mini urban farm is always present and can get wearying after awhile, especially in the rainy, cold days of winter.  But by far, the most difficult part of being a caretaker of animals, especially animals that you come to respect and to love, the hardest part of having them, is losing them.

While doing my morning chores one day a couple of weeks ago, I came upon our precious little kitty guy, Fritz, lying dead at the edge of our woods. It took me aback, made me gasp and broke my heart.  We buried Fritz at the edge of our woods where he had died and laid a stone and an angel kitty
upon his grave.  Even three weeks later, I am saddened and teary when I pass by the place where he lays.

But this is life and life goes on.  I will give my last respects to him here and share it with the world of cyberspace.  I will remember his sweetness and companionship always. RIP little Fritz.



Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Opera at the Carolina and Coffee - February Review

It is a pleasure to be actively involved in the Greensboro Arts community! I love it! 

Since becoming a part of the Greensboro Opera Board in the fall of 2016 I have had the fun of experiencing Gypsies (Carmen) and Hair (The Barber of Seville) and Japanese Lanterns (Madame Butterfly); and now Sweeties and Witches (Hansel and Gretel). 

As a member of the Opera Board I have had the pleasure of serving on the special events committee all three years. The special events committee is a wonderful group of creative people that devote their time and energy to planning numerous events throughout the year including the EMF collaborations each summer, meet the artist receptions for each opera, our main fundraiser, the fall gala and the event we are currently working on, our annual end of year meeting.  Fun, fans, feasting, fantastic! 

Flashback: On Monday February 4, the Special Events Committee, in conjunction with the Opera Board's Education Committee hosted an early morning reception at the Carolina Theater to honor Opera at the Carolina sponsors and to introduce and announce the winner of this year's Barbara Peter's Write Your Own Opera award, Neveah White. Neveah is a fifth grader from Brown Summit Elementary School.  She wrote the winning script, The Showdown which was transformed into an opera by David Holley, Greensboro Opera's General and Artistic Director, and UNCG faculty member Alexander Rutty. 

The Showdown is a play about overcoming bullying and building teamwork. The Showdown premiered the morning of February 4th, followed by excerpts from Hansel and Gretel, this year's  Greensboro Opera's spring opera. The Showdown will be performed again at this years Greensboro Bound festival at Scuppernongs Books in May of 2019. Greensboro Bound 2019

The coffee for this year's Opera at the Carolina reception was provided by The Philosopher's Bean. Yes, Chris and I were able to provide the coffee for this year and last year's event! Yay! The new 2 kilogram Besca roaster helped us in getting the beans roasted to perfection, but we still need to come up with a more efficient way of brewing large amounts of supremely delicious coffee. Coffee urn pour-over tastes pretty good but it's messy and takes a lot of time. (This too shall pass.)

People at the reception really liked the coffee. Some even LOVED the coffee, which seems to be the usual response when people taste Chris' coffee. We also had some wonderful cheerleaders and sales ladies there making sure that everyone at this even knew who brought the coffee and where they could get some.  Yum! Thanks ladies!
Peace, Ronda

Saturday, March 9, 2019

10 Reasons Why I will keep on Blogging

I can't believe that it's March already!  So many good things have happened here but that seems to keep me away from my computer and getting a message out to you all. (Yes, I do live in the South!) For now, let me just give you 10 quick reasons why I will keep on blogging:

1. I have a lot of fun adventures to share with you.
2. I have a lot of ideas to share with the world.
3. Blogging is a challenge and challenges are good.
4. Blogging is FUN and fun is good.
5. I want my work to entertain people, to make them happier, to make them smile.
6. I really do love to write. (I love playing with sounds and expressing my ideas in the written word.)
7. To gain more confidence and courage and break through any fear that lingers in my soul.
8. To show the world my Art and Goat Yoga and Zinnia's Way and Coffee and everything I love.
9. I want to inspire people through the visual arts including REAL videos on my YouTube Channel.
10. I want to plant seeds of joy and make a difference in people's lives.

February 2 was an amazing day for us as we participated in the annual iron pour at Jim Gallucci's studio in Greensboro.  I want to thank Jim and his crew for putting on an amazing event.  I want to thank Jim for donating a ticket package to the Greensboro Symphony Guild's A Notable Night, where we won the bid for the package (back in November 2018). And I want to thank my friends and family that attended the event with us, making it a truly fun and wonderful day!

Iron Pour February 2, 2018 @ Jim Gallucci's Studio Facility

I also want to thank Jim Gallucci for the advice that he may not even have realized he was giving me that sunk so deeply into my soul, when my friend Laura said, "Ronda is a REAL artist,"  to which Mr. Gallucci responded, "Do the work."

YES!  That's it!  That is SO it!  "DO THE WORK," the ingredient that I have been missing in my recipe for success.  So now it is plastered on my work surfaces and tattooed on my brain - "Do the work."  OK.  Which goes along nicely with, "Enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the ride." How old am I?  To which I answer, ARGH! and YAY! and why the heck am I just embracing all of this now?" To which I respond, "It's never too late!"

And of course,
"Never, Never, Never give up!" (Winston Churchill).                             "Iron Cane" by Me