Tuesday, December 4, 2018

On Art and Gratitude with (Pictures)

In this season of Thanksgiving and Giving – I am compelled to reflect on the multitude of people in my life that support and encourage me on this, my journey.  Their love and positivity is nourishing, motivating and so greatly appreciated.  To all of you, family and friends, I give you my love and gratitude.  I give you my “Thank You!”

In this post, I want to give a special shout out to my friend Margo whose simple gesture of encouragement at the JLG GMM last month meant more to me than she may realize.  “Thank you, Margo!”  And here is the picture of my artwork on that Balalaika!  And “Thank You!” to Joanna Bright, another much appreciated art supporter and cheerleader who so generously donated her Balalaika and loved my artwork enough and had faith enough in me to ask me to “do something beautiful” with it.  Her instrument, my artwork, combined and contributed to the Greensboro Symphony Guild’s Notable Night Gala!  Collaboration. Contribution. Raising money for a worthy cause. Contentment!

I am so grateful for being noticed and noted as a local artist.  I am grateful that my services are sought after and I am so thankful that I am able to use my talents to contribute to some very amazing and deserving local organizations.  I love being part of the Arts Community and I am so appreciative that Life has brought me here to Greensboro.

As this year is winding down, my heart is excited about all of the opportunities in this next year to come.  I know I will be sharing this joy with many of you.  Thanks to you all and “Thanks again, Margo” for your support and reminding me that people care about my artful endeavors.