Friday, April 5, 2019

Keeping the Peace

Today is a rainy Friday.  I have the luxury of playing catch-up on my life at home.  It's been going well.  I caught up on e-mails in only an hour and 20 minutes. I filed all of my paperwork from the past 3 months.  I did chores, I did dishes (in my new dishwasher - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!), I did a healthy salad for lunch.  And I WAS enjoying spending time quietly putting together a list of recipes for easy reference and menu planning so we (Chris, Sam and I) can all stick to the new slow-carb diet plan we are following for at least the next month.
New Kitty - Anniebell
Then I exit the room to get my computer, leaving dog and new kitty inside, laying quietly in their assumed positions, kitty on the couch, dog somewhere planning out her next sneaky move.  It's my fault I know. I'm as guilty as anyone who gets snacky in the afternoon, 3:30ish you know, after a lunch salad and before dinner protein and vegetables.  But I prefer a snack of, oh let's say, baked kale chips and green tea with some turmeric, coconut oil and soymilk, sweetened with a little bit of stevia and topped with a sprinkle of black pepper to get the full benefits of the turmeric.  I do NOT choose to eat CAT POOP!  But my dog does!!!  UGH! GROSS! DISGUSTING!!! 

Entering the den, I hear a rattling coming from the bathroom where kitty spends her nights and alone time when I need to be gone and still want to keep the house from getting broken up. What is tha…? Oh, it's the crate. It's the cat litter! IT'S THE DOG GETTING A CAT POOP SNACK!  My peace and quiet flees as I tell her (the dog) to "Get OUT!"   "GET OUTSIDE!"  Sprinkles of litter on Dogs nose confirm my suspicions. (Granted it is the natural kind made with corn fibers, baking soda and plant extracts, but I digress...and it's still GROSS!)

Open door, bells clang! Dog runs out! Chickens on the back stairs, hiding from the rain, scatter and squawk!  Rooster run and crow! Door slams! Bells clang. 
Chickens escaping the rain
Deep breath...Barking, squawking, crowing!  Oh no, massive chicken poop on the back steps. UGH. In dog's mind another opportunity to snack...NO.

Door opens, "Get inside!"  Calming down.  "Go to your bed!"  It's like doggie jail sometimes, like her favorite place to hang out most of the time, a place where she usually gets a treat...Not today!  (Not at this moment anyway).  It's jailtime for a while.  Until I finish this blog post anyway.
Dog in Jail

It's quiet again now.  Kitty laying by my side.  Trying to help me type every once in awhile.  That's ok.  Animals will be who they are.  They will be what they are and I can only do my best to work with them to garner mutual respect, promote the best behavior as possible as often as possible and to keep the peace.  

Every day is a new day!  Thank you God for the opportunity!  Thank you for all that I love!